A brief introduction to parallel computing in Julia

In this session we will learn how to take advantage of a multi-core PC through the use of parallel computing in Julia. It is worth to mention that several of the exfmples provided here come from Julia’s website, that is why we have decided to preserve the structure of the contents developed there. The reader may appreciate that when using the same examples, we have detailed a little bit more the explanation such that the ideas exposed can be easily understood.

An introduction to the Julia language

The first time you read about the Julia language, the idea that sticks in your mind is “A speed similar to C, with a simplicity similar to MATLAB or R”. And in that sentence, the key point is the word “similar”, because the differences in the language with MATLAB or R might be quite stressful when things do not work as expected. This talk is just a summary of ideas and code with which I would have wished to be introduced into this language to avoid some headaches and scary error messages.