Fork and clone

This is the repository. The first step is to get a fork in your own GitHub account. Then, get a local clone:

git clone<your-user>/

The working directory will have the following structure:

├── content
|   ├── contribute
|   ├── home
|   ├── post  <-- Here goes your tutorial
|   └── talk
├── layouts
├── static
|   ├── img
|   └── post  <-- Here goes any additional resources
└── themes

Do not commit any file not related to your draft. Particularly, the first time blogdown::serve_site() is executed, the existing .Rmds will be rendered again and some files under /static/post will appear as changed. Please execute also git checkout . too for this first time.

Commit and push changes

Once you are ready, commit the changes into your local clone. To avoid committing any non-intended file, please add files selectively:

git add content/post/<your-tutorial>
git add static/post/<your-directory> # if required
git commit -m "new post"
git push # to GitHub

Of course, you can commit and push further changes if required.

Pull request and review process

Navigate to your fork on GitHub and open a pull request (PR) to submit the changes to our repository. During the peer-review process, if further changes are required, you can commit and push them as in the previous step, and they are added to the PR automatically.