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A brief introduction to parallel computing in Julia

A brief introduction to parallel computing in Julia


In this session we will learn how to take advantage of a multi-core PC through the use of parallel computing in Julia. It is worth to mention that several of the examples provided here come from Julia’s website, that is why we have decided to preserve the structure of the contents developed there. The reader may appreciate that when using the same examples, we have detailed a little bit more the explanation such that the ideas exposed can be easily understood. As a result, this post turns out to be a mix of examples: ones coming from the official documentation, and others coming from our own.

Room 10.1.5. Campus de Getafe, Calle Madrid, 126, 28903 Getafe, Madrid, Spain.

About the speaker

PhD student at the Department of Statistics at Carlos III University of Madrid, his research interests have led him to have programming as an essential part of his daily work. Although most of his code is made in C++, he is also fan of other languages as Julia, R or MATLAB.