Online resources for teaching

Online resources for teaching


In this session I will try to show some utilities present in the web. One of them will help us to execute R code from the web, using an online compiler, without installing any kind of software in our computers. The other one, it can help us to solve optimization problems by a graphics way. We can draw the restrictions, the feasible region, and others elements that we can need to solve the problems. Finally, I will show other helpful options for teaching.

Room 15.1.41. Campus de Getafe, Calle Madrid, 126, 28903 Getafe, Madrid, Spain.

About the speaker

Miguel obtained his 5-year degree in Statistical Sciences and Techniques by the University of Valencia (2002). Nowadays, he is linked to the Carlos III University of Madrid as a part-time professor. In 2007, in a congress of the SEIO, he joined the GENAEIO, a Working Group on teaching and learning Statistics and Operations Research. Since then, he has been working with R, some authoring tools (Jclic, Geogebra, eXeLearning), educational platforms (MOODLE) and software for surveys (LimeSurvey). Enthusiast of the GNU philosophy and online resources, lately, he has been adding some gamification in work (using Kahoot).