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Blogging with R

Blogging with R


In this talk, we will build a simple blog using R-Markdown, Jekyll and GitHub pages. We will use the blogdown package for R that allows to easily build a personal blog containing scientific contents, such as professional plots (made by ggplot2) and mathematical formulas.

The choice for GitHub pages allows to build a blog for free and without any need of a personal server. The talk will show a simple and ready to use workflow to make and handle a personal blog. Then, depending on time, it will address stylistic issues and/or advanced content publications.

Room 15.1.41. Campus de Getafe, Calle Madrid, 126, 28903 Getafe, Madrid, Spain.


  • The tidyverse and blogdown packages for R, better to have also installed the RStudio IDE.
  • A free account on GitHub and git installed.
  • The Jekyll static website generator.

About the speaker

Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from Salerno University (Italy), Bernardo D. has been Ramón-y-Cajal researcher and then Associate professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid since 2009. His research interests are in stochastic processes with applications to Queueing Theory and control problems in Finance and Insurance. In his spare time he likes to entertain himself with computer programming.