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An introduction to Shiny as a teaching resource

An introduction to Shiny as a teaching resource


The main goal of this session is to show a regular R user how to develop his/her own interactive (web) application without much effort. For doing so, we introduce the Shiny R package that makes this task simple even for an R programmer that has never heard about HTML, CSS or JavaScript (or does not care about them at all). During the session, we will develop from scratch an interactive app that illustrates the law of large numbers. This will allow us to understand the input and output of a Shiny app, as well as the whole workflow intuition for building Shiny apps.

Room 10.1.5. Campus de Getafe, Calle Madrid, 126, 28903 Getafe, Madrid, Spain.

About the speaker

Entering the final stretch of the PhD program in Statistics at Carlos III University of Madrid. gretl was his first contact with the open-source world and got stunned by the R community. His codes are devoted to complex data analysis.